USB C 7-in-1 Adapter

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Since the introduction of USB C, products have started using just one or two USB C ports and adapters are needed.

Our USB C 7-in-1 adapter allows you to connect multiple ports to a USB C port on your computer. This is an ideal portable solution for adding ports that your computer does not have.

This adapter allows you to connect one HDMI port with a resolution of 4k@60Hz, two USB 3.0 ports (5gbps, one port charges at 7.5w), an SD/Micro SD card reader, a USB C port for power delivery 3.0 (100w, this port cannot be used for data) and a gigabit ethernet port.

The power delivery port allows you to connect your power adapter to the port and passes power through to your laptop and charge it.


  • HDMI 4k@60Hz
  • USB3 Type A 5Gbps
  • SD/Micro SD3.0 Card Reader
  • USB C PD 3.0 100W
  • Gigabit Ethernet
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