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With most people, you probably have a computer and that’s about it. This setup normally suits most people. However, if you’re a company or business, you’re going to need a little more power than that. In some cases, you’re going to need multiple servers to power your gear. This is especially true when you’re an internet based company. You’re going to need lots of servers to manage your sites, software and all the computers in your office.
Servers are essential for managing local networks and make sure everything is working. When it comes to storing your servers, you may have a separate room or an entirely different location. It really depends on how many computers you’re running in your offices. In some cases, all your need is a server cabinet. This will allow you to neatly place all your servers in one location without having spaghetti junction. In some cases, you may even have multiple cabinets.
If you are unsure what a server cabinet is and why you might need one, we have put together an article about them to give you a better understanding. If you’re still interested in server cabinets, continue to read this article.

What is a Server Cabinet?

According to industry standards, a server cabinet will be 19 inches wide and is used to store a range of computer-related technology. Server cabinets can store not only servers but UPS ES and even full-size monitors. They are sometimes referred to as server racks because of the way the servers are installed as they are fastened and suspended above the floor. The common server cabinet is usually 42U tall.
As you can imagine, they were first produced to save space, originally for repeater and termination equipment. AT&T in 1922 were the first to build one of these cabinets and they were initially constructed from wood.

Why Do You Need a Server Cabinet?

So now that you know what a server cabinet is, you may be wondering why you need one. Some of you may already know that you need one and may be on your way to purchase one already. They are important but are not necessarily needed. When you thinking about whether you should have a server cabinet or not, you need to consider a few things.
If you don’t have a server cabinet, your servers will collect dust and can be quite loud, which can be annoying if you have them under your desk. They can also be very large and are 19 inches in length. In addition, if you don’t use a server cabinet, you could be spending more on power consumption.
Having a server cabinet has a lot of advantages, especially when it comes to saving space. If you have a rail system, they can be easily removed and worked on, adding to the convenience. Cabinets also help with airflow and cooling, as well as cable management and power distribution.


Having a server cabinet is a helpful and can save you a lot of space. They have been around for a long time and help you when it comes to managing all your computer equipment and technology. There are different variations of the server cabinet and they offer you a wide array of benefits. If you debating whether to get a server cabinet for your office or home, we definitely recommend it.