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Modem Cable

As things progress in the modern world, one things keeps on getting better and that is internet speed. When internet first came out, it was dead slow and people had to adjust to the slow connection speeds. It was just a way of life. However, with the development of fiber optic cables and super-fast internet, things are better than ever.
However, many areas are still underdeveloped and don’t have the super-fast broadband that many others take for granted. Some of you may still be suck on slow connections, which can really frustrate people. Nobody likes slow internet after all.
However, even with no fiber optic cables, you can still enjoy fast connection speeds for all your wireless devices through modem cables. There is still no doubt that if you want the fastest connection, going cable is the best way to achieve this. If you’re interested in knowing more about modem cables and how they can benefit your internet speed, continue reading this article.

What is a Modem Cable?

A modem cable is exactly what it sounds like: a cable that connects to a modem. A cable modem is a fantastic way to achieve high internet speeds without the need or upgrade of fiber optic cabling. A cable modem is very simpler to a wireless router with the exception of only being able to connect to one device. When you get a cable modem, you need to realize that you will only be able to connect one internet device to it, which in most cases, will be your computer.
A modem cable essentially allows your computer to be hardwired into the landline, allowing a fast connection to your internet service provider. A modem cable converts a standard analog signal into a digital signal, which allows for the broadband connection. A modem cable is also known as an Ethernet cable as it will connect from the modem to the computer. The cable that connects the modem to the jack in the wall is often a coaxial cable. Also, the modem cable doesn’t just have to connect to a computer, it can also connect to a network router.

Getting Wireless Cable Internet

Although many modem cables are connected to computers, you can connect them to wireless routers to gives all your devices fast, wireless internet. The cable modem will often not work as a router and you may have to buy two standalone devices in order to get Wi-Fi. Saying this, some companies offer a combo device that works as both, but they aren’t usually included in the package and you may have to pay extra.
Getting two standalone device is not expensive, however, so that’s something you shouldn’t be put off by. It is a great way to experience fast internet without the need of optic fiber cabling, which is expensive to install and isn’t always readily available.


If you’re looking for fast internet to your computer system, hardwiring it to the landline is still the fastest and most reliable way to get a stable, quick connection. It is a way to bypass the need of optic fiber cables and also allows you to connect all your wireless devices. If you do want to go wireless with your hardwired modem, your modem cable will need to be connected to the router and not the computer. So if you live in an area that doesn’t have super-fast internet, try going cabled.