56K USB mini Modem with Tailed Adapter

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Ideal for Laptop and Notebook users, the new slim line USB-powered v.92 Modem is the perfect choice for anyone on-the-move.

Being completely bus powered elevates the need for external Power Supplies and is totally Plug n’ Play for leading Operating Systems including Windows 98/2000/NT/ME/XP plus total compliance with the Linux Operating System. Ideal for legacy applications, Broadband backup or simply when there is no coverage for xDSL in the specific area 56K USB mini Modem with Tailed Adapter allows complete international standards for dialup including v.92/v.90 and full duplex 56k for Data and Fax communications.

With its built-in USB2.0 cabled interface and advanced Conexant ASIC Modem chipset 56K USB mini Modem with Tailed Adapter is your choice for complete worry free dialup communications.


v.92 / v.90 / v.34 / v.32bis / v.23 / v.22 / v.21 compliant
ITU v.92 115.2Kbps DTE full duplex 56Kbps data/fax
Conexant ASIC Modem chipset Supports Fax Group 3, Class 1
Enhanced AT command set complaint
USB Bus powered – Plug n Play compatible
Supports ADPCM compression & Answer Machine Line input plus connection LEDs Built-in USB2.0 interface cable
High reliability and low power consumption – no PSU Windows 98/2000/NT/ME/XP, Linux Retail packaging, Line Cable, Manual and CD


• v.92 / v.90 compliant
• USB – Plug n Play compatible
• Smartlink ASIC Modem chipset

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