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  • Our No.1 Best Selling range of patch cables suitable for all office and domestic environments
  • Pure copper metal conductor and RJ45 connectors for the best data transfer speeds
  • Cat5e patch cables available from stock in 10 different colours from 0.25mtr up to 50mtr
  • Cat5e can transmit data at speeds of up to 1 Gigabit per second/100mbs
  • Features RJ45 connectors and flush moulded boots
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Fruity Cables best selling range of Cat5e patch cables are used to connect computers to various networking components or for patching into patch panels in a data cabinet.
These cat5e Patch Cables are perfect for both office and home solutions and are capable of transmitting data speeds of 1 Gigabit per second/100bms, (faster than the old standard cat 5 patch cables).
This Cat5e Patch cable range has been widely used in schools, universities, data centres, new homes, restaurants and construction sites among the 1000’s of businesses that we have been supplying over the last 8 years.
The metal conductor running through these cat5e patch cables is pure copper and the copper is twisted into pairs (UTP) for the best flexibility, connectivity and safety. The RJ45 male connectors are compatible with computers with a RJ45 data connection as well as RJ45 switches, printers and routers.
These cat5e patch cables are manufactured using flexible stranded Cat 5e UTP (unshielded twisted pair) full copper cable and they are available in 10 different colours from 0.25mtr up to 20mtr in most colours, with a more limited colour range now available up to 50mtr.

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Whatever length or colour you need your Cat5e patch cables, we can help. The colour range includes, Red, Yellow, Orange, Green, Grey, Black, Blue, Violet, White and Pink.
The lengths for all these cat5e patch cables start at 0.25mtr and go up until 20mtrs. After that some of the cat5e patch cable colours are available up to 50mtrs!
If you are sharing files on a server, printing from a network printer or connecting more than one computer to a network switch, you have the option to connect your devices with patch cables that match your decor or office environment or choose a mix of colours that stand out from the rest and make it easy to trace ion a patch panel, as well as having the correct length to prevent unnecessary cabling wastage hanging down or trailing across the floor.
If you would like to run some longer patch cables along the floor then we would like to recommend our flat cat5e patch cable range.


Ethernet Cable
Category 5e
Pure Copper
UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pair)
Verified for Gigabit Ethernet
Type CM (UL) CMH E164469-F3
Verified ISO/IEC 11801 & EN 50288 & TIA/EIA-568-B.2 3P


Cat5e - this is an enhanced standard of Cat5 with faster speeds up to 1gigabit. If you require faster speeds of up to 10 gigabit and the backbone of your network is Cat 6 then you should look at our most popular Cat6 patch cables range.
RJ45 connectors - these are the male connectors either end of the patch cable used to connect to a female RJ45 connector on a switch , router, patch panel or computer etc.
UTP - four unshielded twisted pairs (UTP) covered by a coloured (of your choice) PVC outer sheath. UTP are the most popular cat5e patch cable type in the U.K, because interference and noise can significantly reduce signal quality. If you think that electrical interference could be a problem then we would like to recommend our STP (Shielded Twisted Pair) Cat5e Patch Cables range Twisting the pairs in the cable helps reduce interference as well as making the cable much more flexible than solid core copper cable which is usually used for the backbone of the network like this Cat5e cable - solid bulk cable - 100mtr and 305mtr.
Flush moulded boot - As you can see from the pictures our most popular cat5e patch cable range has flush moulded boots with no cover over the latch.
RoHS compliant - All our Cat5e patch cables are RoHS compliant which means that they meet the european directive of non hazardous materials in the field of electronics and computing.
Verified ISO/IEC 11801 & EN 50288 & TIA/EIA-568-B.2 3P - These are the latest industry standards for Cat5e Patch cables that this range of patch cables have been verified for.


As we require more and more speed for downloading, streaming music or videos and data transfer, cat5e patch cables and other high speed cables like fibre are becoming a more and more important consideration before purchasing.

Our Top Selling Cat5e Patch Cables have RJ45 connectors without a cover over the plastic clip (flush moulded boot). If you require a booted latch cover then you should order from our second best selling Cat5e patch cable range - Snagless Booted Cat5e Patch Cables.


Cat5e patch cables - shielded range These cables are best when there is likely to be significant electrical interference.
Cat5e patch cables - low smoke. These patch cables are best when there is a fire hazard as the smoke from the cable is non toxic if there is a fire.
Cat5e patch cables - flat.. These patch cables are often used when you would like to run longer patch cables under the carpet or in trunking around the wall.
Cat5e patch cables - snagless. Our second most popular patch cable range has a boot over the latch near the RJ45 connector. Sometime when many cables are being patched in a patch panel people prefer to have a boot so that the cables do not snag on other cables or equipment.
Cat5e patch cables - custom made. If you can not find exactly what you are looking for in our cat5e patch cable range then our workshop can help you. For example if it’s a 72.3mtr patch cable in pink or 300 x 0.15mtr patch cables in a variety of colours then please fill in our bespoke requirement form and we will be in touch straight away with a price and lead time for you.


Cat5e Patch Cables are often also called Data cables, Patch Leads, Network or Networking Patch Cables or leads, Ethernet Cable/lead or Computer cables or computer patch cables or leads.

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