KVM 1-2 With Audio Function And Cables

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The KVM CPU & Audio Switch Kit allows users access to 2 IBM compatible computers from one PS/2 keyboard, PS/2 mouse and VGA/SVGA monitor, these models also support Audio functions allowing one microphone and 1 set of 2.1 speakers to be shared between 2 PCs.
Switching between computers is easy as pressing the push button or entering hotkey commands from your keyboard. There is no interface card or software to install and it is independent of the computer operating system.
The CPU Switch Kit consumes negligible power and is designed to run reliably without an external power adapter.
Ready to run right out the box, these kits come with everything you need, switch and complete cable sets, just hook them up and go. By allowing one console to manage all your computers, the KVM Switch Kits eliminate the expense for extra consoles, the space needed for extra peripherals and time spent accessing different computers.
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