Excel Cat5e UTP External Grade 305m

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Excel Cat5e External Grade Cable 305m

  • Cat5e UTP External Grade PE jacket for use in outdoors applications. 
  • Excel Cat5e external cable is designed to be waterproof and UV resistant.
  • Excel External Grade Cable is also available for Category 6 cable
  • Buy with confidence! We have been supplying Cat5e patch cables for 8 years to well over 6,000 customers.
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With a goal to enable high-speed transmission of multimedia, voice, data, video and gigabit ethernet, Excel Cat5e UTP External grade are particularly designed, tested and verified to the ISO and TIA standards. Known for their optimal performance, each cable comes with 8 colour coded polyethylene insulated conductors. With high durability, longer life span and exceptional features, these cables are becoming immensely prominent. Especially for outdoor applications, these cables are undeniably the best. 5.2 mm Outer diameter, 70% NVP value, Solid PE core insulation, Black Outer sheath colour, -20 to +60 °C Operating Temperature Range, 24 AWG-size, Cu and bare Conductor material are the specifications.
These cat 5e cables are absolutely UV resistant and waterproof. The ends of external cables are fitted with an equipment appropriate for safeguarding the computer system. An utmost vigilance is required while installing these cables in order to prevent any damage to the cabling system. These cables are designed in an excellent way that these are free from different types of risks such as over-voltage and striking of lightning. Far-end Crosstalk (FEXT) and Near end Cross Talk (NEXT) are the swept frequency tasks that are applied to critical performance characteristic. In addition to this, Power sum and Worst case test methods are also applied.
Contrast to other cables, these high-speed cat 5e cables are collectively twisted to form 4 pairs with diverse lay lengths. A great benefit of these Gigabit Ethernet supporter cables is that these are safe to use as they are jacketed in a heat and UV, moisture resistant polyethene outer sheath. The Sequential metre marked cables are not at all time-consuming to install, rather the installation is hassle-free and quick. The unique metre marking within each box supplied leads to easy measurement of cable installed and the remaining amount within the box.

Outstanding Features Excel Cat5e External Grade cable:

Category 5e Compliant
Endorse Gigabit Ethernet
External Duct Grade
Solid Cable
Length: 305mtr
Fast feed box

Excel Cat5e External Grade Cable:

External Grade Sheath Solid cable
Black colour
4 unshielded twisted pairs and solid Cat5e conductor
Polyetheleyne (PE) jacket for external use
Metre marking on the cable
Duct Grade
305mtr length

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