Excel CW1308B Internal/External Telephone Cable - Buy per Metre

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Excel CW1308B Internal/External Grade Low Smoke Zero Halogen Telephone Cable- Buy per Meter

Buy now our multipair internal/external telephone cables, suitable for Internal and External use due to a UV resistant jacket. Our Cw1308B cables are Low Smoke Zero Halogen and an earth conductor of 1.38mm plain copper is included.

CW1308B Internal/External Grade Features

  • Cut to length
  • LSOH outer sheath
  • Duct Grade

CW1308B Internal/External Grade Low Smoke Zero Halogen Cable- Specification

  • Total number of cores: from 10 to 200
  • Outer sheath colour: Black 
  • Reaction-to-fire class according to EN 13501-6: Dca
  • Smoke development class according to EN 13501-6: s2 (limited smoke production)
  • Euro class flaming droplets/particles according to EN 13501-6: d2 (flaming droplets/particles persisting > 10 s)
  • Euro class acidity according to EN 13501-6: a2
  • Conductor category: Class 1 = solid
  • Stranding element: Pairs
  • Core identification: Colour + rings
  • Pair grouping identification: Bundles and layers
  • Core insulation: PVC
  • Low smoke (acc. EN 61034-2): yes
  • Halogen free (acc. EN 60754-1/2): yes
  • Outdoor use permitted: yes
  • Overall screening: None
  • Conductor screening: None
  • Armouring: no
  • Protective sheath: No
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